About me and the brand

Heyy, I’m Paige and I am the creator/founder of Defined by Paige ©.Defined by Paige © is a fitness company/brand that provides the effective and helpful, tools and products which aid a better and healthier way of living. The fitness products and services available via Defined by Paige © have all been carefully selected with consumer health and body confidence benefits being the main focus.

So, I am a personal trainer who comes from a competitive sporting background in a variety of sports, the main sport being track sprinting. My main events were the 100m and 200m sprint. This is where my love for being involved in training, training others and helping them to become the best versions of themselves has stemmed from. I now specialise in improving athletic performance and aesthetics through the use of plyometrics, speed, power and endurance training. Although these are my specialty, they are not the extent of my training knowledge.

I have a degree in sports coaching and sports development, which is a field I have also worked in. Any fitness goals and /or aims are always achievable with the right training and diet, both of which me and my products are here to help with.
Lets get it!